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SounVid focuses on producing exciting music that matches the standards of actual songs heard in the charts today combining great musical ideas. 

Songs and Instrumental are produced to stand up musically, lyrically and sonically to any other present and past hit song. 

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Song & Music Production



The full package | Music Production & Songwriting


If you are looking for original songs to record, including their production, this package will offer you:

• An original song

• Musical arrangement (up to 10 instruments)

• Vocal recording session

• Mix & master

14 days delivery


Music Production


If you wrote your own song and you want to have it professionally produced

SounVid will help you to transform your creation into a potential hit song.

Included in this package:

• Musical arrangement  (up to 7 instruments)

• Vocal recording session (from £100 - 5 tracks)

• Mix & master

14 days delivery



Are you an artist looking for an original song but with no production?

SounVid can provide lyrics, melody, and accompaniment chords progression.

The song will be will be delivered to you 'vocals and guitar'.

7 days delivery


Mixing And Mastering


Mixing up to to 5 instruments and Mastering process.

Your track will sound full, clear, and it will match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial track.

5 days delivery

Vocal Editing


Do you have vocals that need some adjustment, or multiple vocal tracks that need aligning?

SounVid will correct intonation and timing problems up to 10 tracks.

Request A FREE Quotation if you need more.

5 days delivery

Instrumental and Theatre productions...

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